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Using your network to make contact

Sales professionals live and die by their network.  Becoming a very successful salesperson typically means that you can use your network to its fullest to get and GIVE introductions, referrals, and more.  There are dozens of posts on ways to build and maintain your network (and I’ll likely have several posts here on this), but what do you do when you want to ask someone in your network for assistance in making contact?

Sales calesthentics: Find a mentor

Yesterday, I got a call from my mentor.  He happened to be in the city, had a few hours between meetings, and he wanted to grab a cup of coffee.  As luck would have it, I was not too busy, and made the time to go sit down with him.  The experience was so energizing that it reminded me just how valuable having a mentor can be for a salesperson.


Salesforce.com drives me insane: Part 1

Salesforce.com is the WORST salesforce tool, except for all the others.

I have a lot of gripes with sales force tools, and I’ve yet to find one that is actually functional for all people in the organization.  I think that sf.com did one thing well.  They provided a tool that lets sales managers get a pipeline report and since its an online tool, the minute a sales person updates their information from anywhere in the world, that pipeline is up to date.  No syncing – no installs, etc.

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