QuotaCrush began as a simple blog on sales strategies and sales management by Mark I LaRosa.  At the beginning of pipeline calls, I would give the “sales tip” of the week and one of my salespeople suggested that I start collecting these ideas into a blog.  QuotaCrush was born.

Then, as time progressed, as most entrepreneurs do, I found myself seeing a great need in the market that was minimally fulfilled.  There are lots of great companies started by lots of great entrepreneurs – but a great number of  those entrepreneurs are not salespeople.  They know that their product SHOULD be valuable and able to be sold – but they don’t know how.  And… a lot of those entrepreneurs don’t have the volume or the cash to keep a true VP of sales interested.

So… QuotaCrush entered phase 2.   A talented sales manager can manage many direct reports working on different territories, different product lines, different verticals – all with different challenges and strategies.  The talented sales manager can get his team productive quickly and then manage by pipeline.  What if several entrepreneurs could share a VP of Sales?  What if they could hire a less experienced sales person, and get premiere sales management and strategy – and pay a fraction of the cost.  This is the concept of QuotaCrush.

Expert Sales Management for Start-ups.

QuotaCrush will also have some pretty cool sales software tools coming out so stay tuned.

For a full bio on Mark LaRosa visit www.marklarosa.com

LinkedIn Profile:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/marklarosa

Twitter: mlarosa

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