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July 2009

Colorblind Prospects

Yesterday, I met my brother at the gym early in the morning.  After our workout, my brother asked me in helping him pick out the right tie for him to wear to work. (he had brought 4 to the gym with him).  Why?  My brother is colorblind.  Not black and white only, but enough that getting himself dressed can present challenges.

I had forgotten this about my brother.   I shared a VERY small bedroom with my brother for about 14 years before I left for college, and helping my brother with his clothing choices used to be a regular occurrence, but having not lived with him for so long, I forgot about it – and having him ask me about it reminded me of life in his eyes.

Truth in the sales process

People that read QuotaCrush know that I am always talking about the need for transparency and honesty in the sales process.  As I’ve said, when you do the right thing and when you are honest, sales happen for you.  And the more honest you are, the more good karma comes back and leads to more sales.

A few weeks ago, I took a customer out to lunch since I was in town.  This customer has been up on one of the software services for one my clients for about a month, and this was a great opportunity to get some feedback on the product, and talk about the implementation thus far.

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