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Ask for the order

How simple and over stated is this basic premise of sales, yet how often is this the major issue with a salespersons performance?

If you are a sales person and you see that you are not crushing quota, ask yourself if you are asking for the order. With Web 2.0 sales, and other products with low cost trials, it’s way too easy to just have your prospect drag you out longer and longer and longer. And, if it’s a big prospect for you, it’s a scary proposition to have them not do business with you. But, I say, if they are not committing and are not willing to commit, then they aren’t doing business with you anyway and you need to move on.

Sales Teams have NO room for prima donnas

So far in my latest gig, I am happy to say that I have not heard my sales people ever complain about grunt work that had to be done in order to get the sale; however, I can tell you that in my career I’ve seen it a lot.

Welcome to Quota Crush

I joined this great company, Angelsoft, 7 months ago as their VP of Sales and inherited this really awesome team.  As I started to show these guys how to really crush through their quota objectives and make some serious cash through selling, one of my guys said that I should be running a blog about this stuff.


This is a blog by Mark I LaRosa on sales strategies and sales management .  I blogged about my motivation behind creating a blog in my first post.  

I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my career.  Since starting and leaving my own firm, I’ve concentrated on my sales ability to small start-up and growing firms – since I think that was my strongest contribution I had when I had my own company.  I’ve been fairly successful, especially in enterprise sales.  Convincing a large firm to trust and work with a start-up is not a simple task, and its something I think that I do well.

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