Strive to pay higher taxes in 2009

With all this talk about tax breaks and tax credits going on, I want it on record that I want to pay MORE taxes in 2009 than I did in 2008.

I don’t want to pay more taxes because I’m super patriotic (although I am).  I’m want to do it for one reason… because I want to make a sick amount of money.  One of my first posts at QuotaCrush was on this topic:  Why I’m happy about my Tax Bill I’m not going to comment on relative tax rates or what constitutes rich or not.  I’m not commenting on what should get a tax credit or not.  What I’m saying is that as a salesperson, if you are paying a high tax bill, it is probably because you sold a lot of stuff and got rewarded for it.

Therefore, as salespeople, and as entrepreneurs, lets all try to pay a lot of taxes in 2009 – meaning lets all strive to make a lot of money and bring our companies a lot of revenue so THEY can pay a lot of taxes too!

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