How essential is a catchy company name?

I answered this question recently on LinkedIn and thought that my answer spoke directly to some of my recent posts – so I thought I would re-post it here:

The question needs to be answered in relative terms to the business that the company is in. Many companies have been successful without catchy names, and plenty of companies with catchy names have failed.

If you have the right marketing and sales team – and the right product – you can overcome anything on the naming side. While selecting the correct name certainly makes the marketing and sales teams’ jobs easier, I don’t think it is the make or break if you have the right teams taking it to market.

I founded Dynamic Mobile Data, and was told numerous times about how horrible a name it was by my customers, by my investors, by friends and family. Nonetheless, our product was sold to and used by major corporations across North America. Why? Because our product was the best, it worked, and we knew how to sell the VALUE of the company and the product.

I saw plenty a company with a catchy name come and go while I made sale after sale.

Branding is extremely important – both on the company name side and the product name side – but ultimately what will bring success and failure to a company will be the product and the ability to communicate its value to customers


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