Sales Self-Sabotage

Juff Thull posted a great article on Sales Self-Sabotage on Sales Pro Magazine.

The best point in the article is what he describes as the “Dangling Insult.”  He says:

Here is a typical example, you may have observed this. A salesperson introduces their solution by saying, “We save companies like yours from wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost…” It sounds innocuous on the surface. Statements like this are standard sales-speak and are often true, but they also contain dangling insults. After all, if your salespeople tell a customer that she is wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars, aren’t they also suggesting that she hasn’t been doing her job very well?”

What a perfect point.  It’s so easy to do and I know I’ve done it at times myself.  It’s especially difficult sometimes, because the people we sometimes encounter ARE doing very bad things to themselves.

Its a great read.

Which brings me to another question.  Sales Pro Magazine very often has some great articles on sales.  They publish a free on-line magazine every two months.  Why is this not a blog with articles posted as they arrive?  I don’t get it…

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